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More Than 5 Lakh Sharks To Be Killed For Covid-19 Vaccine

The global pandemic left no field or trade without getting impacted, while it is needless to mention the count on lost lives due to it. The vaccine is most awaited at this moment, as there are many pharma companies and research institutes working at a faster pace to get the vaccine out. But there seems

to be a concern in this process and the conservationists are much worried about it.

The pharmaceutical companies who are in the process are finding a vaccine for Covid-19 is behind the mass killings of sharks across the world. Most of these vaccines are made using Squalene, a natural organic compound found in shark liver oil. The Squalene acts as an ‘adjuvant’ that mainly boosts the immune response of the recipient and also strengthens the dose of the medicine.

According to the data from WHO and Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society, 17 out of 176 candidate vaccine evaluations have been reportedly using this adjuvant. Five of these adjuvants are shark Squalene based. The calculation derived from the amount of squalene used for every vaccine dose on Earth, more than 2 lakh sharks would…


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