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Monaco’s strict rule for citizens that tourists don’t abide by

PRINCE ALBERT maintains one strict and unwavering rule that all Monaco natives must follow but visitors can bask in.

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Prince Albert: Monaco citizens are forced to follow an age-old rule established by the royal family

Monaco is known as the “playground of the rich”. From the arrival of Hollywood star Grace Kelly in the Fifties, who married Monaco’s Prince Rainier III, the principality was transformed into a destination of glitz and glamour. A beacon of social occasion became the Monte Carlo Casino: an 1863 purpose-built building perfect for those wanting to relieve themselves of a few thousands pounds; and potentially win even more.


It is owned by the Société des bains de mer de Monaco, a public company in which the Monaco government and royal family have a majority interest in – a point which proves just how central the casino is to the principalities cultural fabric. Not much bigger than London’s Hyde Park, Monaco has, since the Nineties, sought to maintain its high-end status. This was after singers such as Frank Sinatra, Hollywood stars, and even fictional characters, including James Bond, appeared to leave Monaco and mainstream popular culture altogether. The Monte Carlo Casino, then, many have argued, has kept Monaco well-established in the eyes of the world, it remaining a pivotal part of the country’s lure.

Monte Carlo: A sketch of the casino in its early days from the mid-1800s

However, as revealed during the BBC’s “Inside Monaco: Playground of the Rich” documentary earlier this year, the principality holds an unusual rule and hold over its people, known as the Monégasque: they are forbidden from gambling. There are different…

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