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Model films from her back pocket to see how many people stare at her

Alexas Morgan recorded how many people stared at her bum as she walked around Miami, Florida, and the video captured lots of unsuspecting people checking her out

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A woman walked the streets of Miami with a phone hidden in her back pocket to see how many people stared at her backside while she was out and about.

Footage gathered by model Alexas Morgan, 24, catches a number of men taking a look as she strolls past.

At the beginning of the clip, she explains: “I’m going to see how many stares my booty gets,” before tucking the phone into her back pocket.

The compilation video shows several men turning around to gawp in her direction as Alexas strolls through a supermarket and past a bar filled with drinkers.

The trend to film how many people…

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