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McGregor tries to go over White’s head to Disney CEO Bob Chapek

No longer content to sit on the sidelines, Conor McGregor is taking his fight for a fight all the way up the chain to White’s bosses’ boss.

“Bob Chapek, do you copy! I repeat, Bob Chapek – Do You Copy!”

Those were the words from Conor McGregor’s latest missive in his increasingly public battle with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) over his fighting future. McGregor has been on the sidelines “retired” since June — a response, he claims, to UFC’s unwillingness to work with him on setting up bouts. Now, the increasingly restless Irish sports star is trying to take things over UFC president Dana White’s head, right to the top of the corporate food chain.

Bob Chapek is the CEO of Disney, which owns ESPN, which is the pay-per-view (PPV) and broadcast partner of UFC. While technically not White’s boss, Chapek did flex his muscles over the fight promotion when Disney pulled the plug on White’s plans to hold UFC 249 on April 18, 2020, in the midst of the initial Coronavirus pandemic lockdown. So maybe he thinks pointing out how much money the mouse is losing having him idle on the sidelines will work in drawing UFC into more fruitful negotiations?

McGregor is currently attempting to force another boxing mega fight into existence against Manny Pacquiao, a repeat of his 2017 rogue booking with Floyd Mayweather. UFC was deadset against that as well until the momentum of the fight ended up making it inevitable. Is all this noise McGregor making part of a similar effort for the Pacquiao fight?

“I’d rather fight MMA anyway not sure why I’ve been held back like this, it’s borderline criminal at this stage,”…

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