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Mayo doctor tells his story of contracting COVID-19

Dr. Goyal contracted the virus from his daughter during their family quarantine.

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) — Dr. Deepi Goyal, a Mayo Clinic emergency physician and regional chair of practice for Southeastern Minnesota, has also been in charge of the region’s COVID-19 response.

This summer, his daughter who is in her early 20s, contracted the virus at work. We’re told she wore a mask at work and practiced good social distancing.

From there, his family followed CDC guidelines and treated the situation as if each of them had the virus. During the 10 day quarantine period, Dr. Goyal and his wife were isolated from their daughter and brought her food via contactless methods.

On day nine of the 10 day isolation period, Dr. Goyal got a fever, muscle aches, and fatigue. The 10 day process had to start all over again. Goyal said the virus really knocked him down, causing him to sleep 13-15 hours per day.

Dr. Goyal stressed the importance of quarantining as soon as you’re aware of someone in your household having symptoms. That’s because it’s possible to spread the virus without…

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