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Maduro, Venezuelan Opposition Close to Deal on Election Participation – Report

Latin America

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Two Venezuelan opposition leaders are in talks with the Venezuelan government of Nicolas Maduro on participating in the upcoming parliamentary elections in December, Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu revealed Tuesday.

“We are pleased to watch that a positive dialogue has developed between the government and the opposition in Venezuela with the impact of the initiatives we have been carrying out in coordination with the EU. We hope that this positive process will reflect on the elections in the upcoming period. We will always be with the people of Venezuela,” Çavuşoğlu tweeted Tuesday.

According to Reuters, Turkish officials held discussions with Venezuelan politicians Henrique Capriles and Stalin González about joining the vote. In addition, both politicians have discussed involving outside observers for the vote, which Maduro has agreed to.


The latest announcement comes after the Venezuelan government announced that Maduro has pardoned more than four dozen political figures in opposition parties. Many of those pardoned were charged for participating in the uprisings against the Venezuelan government by Juan Guaido in early 2019.

Cavusoglu arrived in Venezuela on August 18 to meet with officials in the country to help consolidate diplomatic ties between the two countries, according to Turkish state media Anadolu Agency.

“We are friends, and we are assisting each other in difficult times,” he said. “We are friends of Venezuela in good times and in bad,” Cavusoglu said at the time.

In May 2019, the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, DC, was taken over by the unelected Venezuelan opposition.

More details to follow.


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