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Lucasfilm Creator Kindly Answers Star Wars Question We Probably Should Have Known The Answer To

One of the creative story team members at Lucasfilm is here to answer your obscure Star Wars questions.

If you’ve ever read the novelization of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back then you probably know exactly how to spell the name of the bipedal pack animals that Luke and Han are riding on Hoth at the beginning of the film. If, however, you’ve only ever heard the word, then yeah, it could be spelled numerous different ways that would make sense.

In addition to giving fans the proper spelling, he also clues us in to one of the rules of properly spelling the names of various species within the Star Wars universe. Apparently, the names for sentient species are capitalized. However, the names of “creatures” which is to say non-sentient animals, areā€¦

Dirk Libbey

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