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Looking for new targets for allergy drug development

An important aspect of the immune system’s response to allergens has been found. Here a laboratory has identified a neuropeptide (Substance P), which is essential in the development of allergen-induced immune responses.

What is important about Substance P, released by certain neurons in the skin when they detect allergens, is that it could pave the way towards novel techniques for the treatment of an array of allergies. The dicovery has been made at the Massachusetts General Hospital, U.S.The causes of allergens are varied and in some cases, uncertain. For example , one research strand discovered how compared with a father’s traits related to allergies and asthma, a mother’s traits lead to a higher risk in terms of a child going onto develop the same traits. These traits invariably appear during early childhood. Asthma and other allergy relate research is important, given the numbers affected. Take theā€¦

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