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LG Wing teardown reveals how that wild, rotating hinge works

A new teardown of the LG Wing reveals just how the swiveling display on the upcoming smartphone works and how it allows the main display of the phone to pop open and shut so smoothly.

LG’s Wing — with its rotating dual-display system — is one of 2020’s most interesting-looking smartphones. And thanks to YouTuber JerryRigEverything’s teardown of the device, we now know just how LG managed to make that swiveling screen a reality.

It’s actually pretty wild: there’s a hole cut through the printed circle board (PCB) and the main frame of the phone, which has a flexible ribbon cable threaded through it to allow the rotating main display to both function and twist around. There’s also a tiny hydraulic damper to serve as a shock-absorbing cushion for when you flip the phone open.


Chaim Gartenberg

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