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Largest piece of public art donated to Saskatoon unveiled in Brighton

The most expensive and largest piece of public art ever privately donated to Saskatoon was unveiled Wednesday in the city’s Brighton neighbourhood.

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The largest piece of public art ever privately donated to the City of Saskatoon, standing 40 feet tall, was unveiled Wednesday.

“Coming Home” stands in the Brighton neighbourhood, and was donated by Dream Development.

The structure is built out of 299 casts of birdhouses, arranged into eight groups and appear to be in random clusters — until you take a closer look.

From a certain angle the structure forms a bird. Courtesy Jayden Schmiess

“Every way you look at it it’s going to slightly change shape,” explained land development manager Jayden Schmiess.

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“From a specific vantage point all of these come together… to a large bird with outstretched wings.”

The city said the piece is the most expensive private art donation it has received, however the development company would…

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