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Landmark Beach Launches e-Payment Ticketing Platform

Landmark Centre Launches an e-Payment Ticketing Platform
Landmark Centre Launches an e-Payment Ticketing Platform

With tourism becoming more demanding and most developing countries improving on their tourism sector. Tourism in Nigeria isn’t left out as it is growing and following trends of developed countries to portray a positive image of the country, boost the economy revenue, create employment opportunities and infuse a sense of cultural exchange between foreigners and citizens.

Unarguably Lagos State, a city in Nigeria with an estimate of 25 million population is strategically positioned as the main convergence point for most tourists visiting for the first time. Its coastal ambience coupled with the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere attracts tourists who are looking to relax and enjoy the beautiful serene nature of the sea.

With several beaches in Lagos State, its coastal atmosphere is often cooler and appealing to many tourists and as such, they are attracted by the landscape of cliffs, seawater, and air which gives most of them the ample time to relax, partake in outdoor sports and other activities connected with the sea.

One of such beaches where influxes of tourists can visit to have a memorable tourism experience includes Takwa Bay, Eleko, Elegushi, Alpha beaches among others.

Recently, Landmark beach distinguished itself from others in Lagos state by bringing a touch of international standard and ambience to the Nigeria tourism experience.

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, most tourist centers were temporarily shut down.

As the lockdown eased and companies gradually reopened, Landmark returned with an entirely different strategy by launching an automated gate pass payment platforms that allow customers to register online via their website using the QR code technology before gaining entry into the beach.

The Landmark beach which is located at Landmark Village in Lagos State made it compulsory for its customers to pay the sum of N2000 entrance fee via the online channels and N3000 for payment at the venue.

Interestingly, most customers registered online which automatically generated a QR code that is scanned at the entrance and a few others paid extra N1000 added to the initial N2000 using POS at the venue.

The disruption brought by the COVID-19 pandemic made most organizations strategize and restructure their business model to adopt the new normal. Other beaches and resorts in Lagos should replicate this form of payment to avoid the long queue that customers usually experience at the entrance of the beach which is a pet peeve for many customers.



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