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Jamie Dornan on how his “failures” ended up being the best thing for him

The Holywood man spoke on the How to Fail podcast this week about how his failures have shaped him

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He may have starred in one of the biggest film franchises of all time, but Jamie Dornan said it’s his failures that shaped his success.

The dad-of-three spoke about how failing at school, being killed off what he thought would be his big break and his inability to sit still have made him the man he is today.

Chatting to journalist Elizabeth Day on her How to Fail podcast, the Holywood man admitted he wears his failures “like a badge of honour” and although fans may not believe it, he said there’s plenty of them.

“You are nothing without your failures and there is nobody who gets to any considered high position, or impressive position from the outside looking in, who has not failed massively,” he added.

“It builds us, it colours us and it is essential and I think I wear my failures like a badge of honour a little bit because there are so f***ing many of them, particularly as an actor, there just is.”

The former Methody student said his failure to do well at school actually ended up being a good thing for him as it led him into the world of modelling and acting.

“So that failure at school, for me, worked to my favour in a really‚Ķ

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