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It IS safe for kids to go back to school as Covid risks are ‘incredibly low’, insists children’s minister

Vicky Ford, the Government’s Children’s Minister announced the launch of a ‘covid catch up fund’

Sending children back to school IS safe in the face of coronavirus, says the Government’s Children’s Minister.

Announcing a new ‘Covid catch up’ fund for reception children, Vicky Ford warned that many disadvantaged youngsters will have fallen behind during lockdown.

The early years ‘catch up’ programme focuses on raising outcomes in speaking and language skills among reception pupils.

Schools will be able to apply for extra cash for one-to-one and small-group support for five-year-olds whose spoken language skills may have suffered as a result of the pandemic.

“We do know that during lockdown and because of Covid, many young children may have missed out on those early language skills,” Ms Ford told the M.E.N.

“Therefore that attainment gap risks widening again. That is why we are making this announcement today about support for early years communication skills.”

Every state funded school with a reception class is being urged to apply for the extra support, known as the Nuffield Early Language Intervention.

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The children’s minister said priority would be given to schools with a high proportion of disadvantaged pupils.

Youngsters are due to return to school in England in theā€¦

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