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iPhone 12 leak reveals how Apple will beat all Android phones

The A14 Bionic sounds like it’s going to deliver big performance gains to the iPhone 12

If you’ve been waffling on whether to pony up for a new iPhone 12 when Apple finally debuts its new phones, the latest news from the company that makes iPhone processors may sway your decision.

The new A14 Bionic chip likely to power this fall’s iPhones promises to be a big leap forward from the A13 Bionic that helps the current iPhone lineup set the pace for smartphones.

During its annual technology symposium this week, TSMC — which makes the Apple-designed chips for the iPhone — laid out some of the benefits of the new 5-nanometer process likely to be used in the next iPhone processors. Anandtech has the nitty-gritty details, but a table comparing the upcoming A14 Bionic to the current A13 Bionic suggests the new chipset will boost performance by 15%. The chip could also consume 30% less power.

A lot of the added performance and power efficiency sounds like it’s coming from the move to a 5nm process for the A14. The A13 is a 7nm chip, and as transistors become smaller, more can fit inside of a chip housing. The A13 Bionic model currently features 8.5 billion chips. The A14 Bionic version will come packing a whopping 15 billion chips.

With this in mind, it may shake out that the iPhone 12 series could be…

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