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India Congress Party Leader Rahul Gandhi’s lie was revealed

India Congress Party Leader Rahul Gandhi's lie was revealed


India News – On Corona virus it was said that Pakistan is in good condition from India, while information of second wave of Corona has been found in Pakistan. Congress President of India Rahul Gandhi has lied on the condition of corona virus. He had said that the corona virus position is good from India to Pakistan. Without knowing the truth of Pakistan, he had asked to defame the Prime Minister of India.

Second killings of corona epidemic in Pakistan have begun

According to information received by the World News Superfast, the Pakistani media has informed that the condition of Corona in Pakistan is very bad. The second strike of the Corona epidemic has begun in Pakistan. The government is hiding the actual information.

Know the reason of Rahul Gandhi’s lying

Rahul Gandhi is the leader of the opposition party’s Congress. Along with this, he is the leader of anti-Hindu ideology. He has tried many times to sit on the post of Prime Minister of India, but the people of India have never supported him. According to information received by World News Superfast, he wants to give Kashmir which is the state of India to Pakistan. That is why the people of India oppose him.

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