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Huge ovarian tumour weighing almost 8 stone removed from 52-year-old woman

Surgeons were forced to operate on the 52-year-old woman, from New Delhi after she developed breathing problems and complained about acute pain in her abdomen

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A hospital in India has successfully removed the world’s largest ovarian tumour from a 52-year-old woman.

The giant tumour weighed more than 110 pounds (8 stone) when it was removed from the New Delhi-based patient, named Nirmala, on Saturday.

Surgeons were forced to operate after the patient developed breathing problems and complained of acute pain in her abdomen.

“We had found a progressive tumour in her ovary which eventually led to pressure on her intestines,” said Dr Arun Prasad. “Subsequently this led to indigestion and an acute stomach ache.”

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Prasad added he had never seen such case in his three decades as a medical professional.

It took a team of…

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