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Hue Jackson says Cleveland Browns not helping Baker Mayfield’s confidence

Former Browns coach Hue Jackson says Baker Mayfield is playing in a system that doesn’t showcase his talent and that “you take away from who he is anytime he has to go under center.”

Stephen A. Smith urges Odell Beckham Jr., Jarvis Landry and other Browns pass-catchers to ask for a trade as long as Baker Mayfield is the quarterback. (1:23)

Former Cleveland coach Hue Jackson said Baker Mayfield needs to regain his confidence, and Jackson suggested the Browns should be calling more passing plays out of the shotgun formation to help their quarterback.

“Baker has not played as well as I think people think he should. To defend him a little bit, I think Baker is not playing in a system, in my mind, that showcases his talent and ability,” Jackson told 850 AM ESPN Cleveland on Friday. “You take away from who he is anytime he has to go under center. I don’t think that’s his strength. When he’s in the shotgun, he’s a much different player.”

Mayfield was primarily in shotgun while winning the Heisman Trophy at Oklahoma and during his rookie season under Jackson in 2018. But this season, the former No. 1 overall draft pick has been under center a career-high 61% of the time.

Under first-year head coach Kevin Stefanski, the Browns (4-2) boast their first winning record since 2014 and lead the NFL in rushing. But they lost to AFC North rivals Pittsburgh and Baltimore by a combined score of 76-13.

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