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Houston told coaching candidates Daryl Morey was leaving

Some of the coaching candidates say it wasn’t quite so clear.

Rockets’ GM Daryl Morey stepping down caught a lot of people around the NBA off guard, but not the candidates for the Houston head coaching job.

At least the Rockets say the candidates were given a heads up on the situation, reports Kelly Iko and Sam Amick at The Athletic. Not all the candidates saw that so clearly.

“We’ve been up front with all the candidates that this was coming and they’ve been respectful to not have it get out early. It’s been baked in.” Yet according to two of the Rockets coaching candidates, it wasn’t quite that clear that Morey was on his way out. There were signs of something being amiss, the candidates said, among them the fact that Morey wasn’t leading the process. But they said there was no direct message that Morey was about to step down.

It is possible only a handful of leading Houston coaching candidates were given a heads up (we don’t know who was spoken to for this story were). Or, it’s possible the Rockets thought they were clear but the candidates didn’t see or…

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