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Health regulator confirms e-cigarette ban

Australia’s health regulator has formalised a ban on e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products, rejecting suggestions they present a safer alternative for smok…

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ers and people trying to quit. In a final decision published on Monday, the Theraputic Goods Administration said it was not satisfied so-called HTPs offered any public health benefit. “I do not consider HTPs would make a significant contribution to population harm reduction,” the administrator said. “I consider that maintaining the current scheduling for HTPs is necessary to protect public health from the risks associated with introducing a new nicotine product for non-therapeutic use.” Tobacco company Philip Morris said health authorities had overlooked millions of smokers and vapers. “It’s time Australian authorities recognise many adult smokers will continue to smoke cigarettes – the most harmful way of consuming nicotine – unless the government rethinks its tobacco control policy,” managing director Tammy Chan said. “Smoke-free products can play a role in reducing smoking rates.” The administrator said should smokers wish to…

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