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Hartlepool latest to break ranks after Middlesbrough, asking for more restrictions

Middlesbrough and Hartlepool will ask the government to restrict people from different households socialising inside homes


Andy Preston: ‘Hands off Middlesbrough’s pubs and restaurants, Boris’

In a further statement on social media, Mr Preston said he was determined not to see the government impose the strictest “local lockdown” measures on Middlesbrough, which would see socialising with people from other households banned in pubs, restaurants and cafes.

But he does want to see a ban on socialising within households, as has been introduced in other parts of the country at varying times in recent months.

When much of the rest of the North East was put into “local lockdown” over a week ago, the restrictions were originally to ban households mixing in private homes and gardens. They were only made more strict – banning socialising in covid-secure establishments – this week, something Mr Preston wants to avoid to protect jobs and people’s mental health.

And Mr Preston has gone further, saying he does not want a ban on socialising in private gardens – only indoors.

(Image: Katie Lunn/Teesside Live)

“Despite what you might have read elsewhere, I’m doing all I can to avoid a local lockdown similar to those imposed on places such as Tyneside,” he wrote on social media.

“Many people are already feeling down and worried about their livelihoods. The last thing they want,…

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