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Graham holds on in South Carolina but Republicans lose Colorado Senate battle

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Republicans have suffered a first setback in the battle for Senate control as Democrats picked up a seat in Colorado.

But the Republicans ousted a Democrat in Alabama and well-known Republicans held on in South Carolina and Texas.

Republicans sought to retain their Senate majority against a surge of Democrats challenging US President Donald Trump’s allies across a vast political map. Both parties saw paths to victory, and the outcome might not be known on election night.

In Colorado, Republican senator Cory Gardner was among the most endangered senators as the state shifted leftwards in the Trump era. Democrat John Hickenlooper, a former governor, won the seat.

Expand Close Democrat John Hickenlooper won in Colorado (Philip B. Poston /Sentinel Colorado via AP) AP/PA Images / Facebook



Whatsapp Democrat John Hickenlooper won in Colorado (Philip B. Poston /Sentinel Colorado via AP)

“It’s time for a different approach,” Mr Hickenlooper said in an live video message posted on Facebook.

White House confidant Lindsey Graham survived the fight of his political life in South Carolina against Democrat Jamie Harrison, whose campaign stunned Washington by drawing more than 100 million US dollars in small-scale donations. In Texas, senator John Cornyn turned back Democrat MJ Hegar, a former Air Force helicopter pilot, in his hardest-fought election in almost two decades.

Republicans also flipped the seat in Alabama that Democrat Doug Jones had won in a special election as former American football coach Tommy Tuberville was elected in the Trump stronghold.

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By Lisa Mascaro and Mary Clare Jalonick, Associated Press

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