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Government and Equatorial Guinea’s Prime Minister Francisco Pascal Obama Asu submitted his resignation to President Teodoro Obiang

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Equatorial Guinea News – The Prime Minister of Equatorial Guinea has resigned from his post citing the Corona virus epidemic and the oil production crisis in the country. He says that the condition is no longer under his control. Now they will be called Dosi for bad deeds. The government and the Prime Minister of Equatorial Guinea have submitted their resignations to President Teodoro Obiang, who said that he had not done enough to help the country in times of crisis.

Know why the Prime Minister resigned

The epidemic has devastated the world. In fact the Central African oil producer is suffering from the double economic trauma associated with the coronovirus epidemic and the fall in the price of crude oil, which provides about three-quarters of the state’s revenue. A statement on the government website on Friday said, The head of state expressed regret that the outgoing government did not meet its policy objectives, which undoubtedly led to a crisis situation.

Obiang has been accused of suppression of political opponents

Francisco Pascal Obama Asu was Prime Minister since June 2016. In February 2018, the President dissolved the government before re-appointing the Prime Minister and three Deputy Prime Ministers to their posts. A new government is expected to be announced soon. Obiang, who has ruled the country since depositing his uncle in the 1979 coup, has been accused of suppression of political opponents. 

In recent weeks, speculation over the health status of the 78-year-old has raised hopes that his son, Vice-President Teodorin Obiang, could be reshuffled in the cabinet, according to U.S. Chief of Justice Tutu Alicante, the European Union justice.

Equatorial Guinea's President marks four decades in power

Was convicted of embezzlement

They were going to progressively grow towards having a government, a cabinet that would not stand to play the role of a full-fledged regime in Todorin’s way. The younger Obiang was convicted of embezzlement in France in October 2017 during a trial in Ferrari. The court ordered the seizure of assets worth more than 100 million euros ($ 118m).

Struggled to recover from recession due to recession

Earlier, Swiss prosecutors seized a collection of their supercars as part of a deal that ended the money-laundering investigation. The cars received approximately $ 27 million ($ 32m) at auction in September last year. According to data from the International Monetary Fund, Equatorial Guinea’s economy has struggled to recover from the recession in oil prices caused by the 2014 recession and is expected to contract by 5.5 percent in 2020.

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