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GOOGLE NEWS – The search engine Google is about to shut down its free services in Australia

Google news - Google will stop free service in australia.


AUSTRALIA NEWS – Google warns that free search services can be withdrawn from Australia. Ever since Australia has told Google that it should pay money to local media institutions to use news content. Since then there has been a tussle between the Australian Government and Google.

Google warned the Australian government on Monday

The Australian government is working on a plan to pay for news content from Google. In response to this, Google has warned to take this step on Monday. Explain that Australia is working on a draft law, under which both Google and Facebook may have to pay for news items taken from media companies. The process of public consultation on this law is to be completed in a week.

The company said, free search may also be lost

Google Australia and New Zealand Managing Director Mel Silva has said that due to this proposed law we will be forced to provide you with very poor Google search and YouTube. Also, users’ data can be given to big news companies. Apart from this, you may also have to lose the free Google search facility in Australia.

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