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Google Autofill on Android finally supports biometric authentication

Google is finally making auto-fill on Android more secure by adding biometric authentication for it. This means that you will first have to confirm your identity before passwords will be auto-filled.

Google is rolling out biometric authentication for autofill of login credentials in Android. While Android has had Google’s autofill feature for a couple of years now, the implementation was insecure since Google never asked for biometric verification or a password before filling in the details. This meant that one could easily use the autofill feature to log into apps and services on an unlocked device.

With a recent Play Services update and a server-side switch, Google has rolled out biometric authentication for autofill on Android 10 and newer devices. The feature is hidden under Settings -> Google -> Auto-fill -> Auto-fill with Google -> Auto-fill security. Here, you will find the option to toggle biometric…

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