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Good news for Vaishno Devi Bhagatos – Vaishno Devi's journey starts today

Jammu To Vaishno Devi hill Jammu


JAMMU NEWS – Jammu and Kashmir has been unlocked. Shops in Jammu are also open and the market is open but Katra is still locked even after unlocked. When I reached Jammu airport at 2.30 pm on Friday afternoon, all the passengers were put in line. 

The lines of passengers coming from different planes were different. Corona test was being done for every passenger who came from outside. The test process was just one to two minutes, but the queues of passengers seemed to be long for this.

Report will be on your phone in half an hour

Asked the airport staff doing the test, which test is this? So said, it’s a rapid test. The report will be on your phone in half an hour. We were ahead in the line, so we were free at three o’clock. Those who were behind may have been able to leave the airport after two hours.

Mata Vaishno Devi Pindi Wallpaper

Corona test report mandatory for people

Well, after getting the test done, I took a taxi from Jammu airport to Katra. No checking was done in Jammu. Our car was then stopped at the Muri check post. Along with the police, the administration officials were seated at the check post, who were noting the details of every movement. 

Local people were being allowed to come and go after seeing the identity card, but the corona investigation report was mandatory for those who came from outside, that too should be the latest report.

Visitors have to go to quarantine

I told them that, screening has been done at the airport and investigation has also been done. They have asked to send the report over the phone in half an hour. On this, the officer said that you should wait for hours outside. Cannot enter Katra limit without test report. We waited about an hour at the check post. 

The airport also received a report on the message which was negative, but even after seeing the report, the authorities refused to enter. He said that those coming from outside would have to go to Quarantine.

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