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Good News For India – The US passed a resolution to give asylum to the victims of Hindu and Sikhism in Afghanistan



USA PARLIAMENT NEWS – According to the information received by the World News Superfast, the same law proposal that India had made under Ka has been passed by the US. But it is only for the Hindus and Sikhs religious  in Afghanistan. The US Parliament has moved a resolution. In which it is said that Afghanistan’s Sikhs and Hindus should be given shelter in America. The proposal has been moved by the US Parliament, describing Sikhs and Hindus as a ‘threatened minority’ in Afghanistan. Under the proposal, the religious communities persecuted in Afghanistan have sought to resettle in America.

Resolution in U.S. Congress calls Hindus, Sikhs in Afghanistan ...

Law proposal supports US refugee protection

According to information received by World News Superfast, MP Jackie Spear and seven other co-sponsor members said on the motion tabled in the lower house of the US Parliament that the resolution supports refugee protection for Afghan Hindus and Sikhs. It shows institutional religious persecution, discrimination and existential threat.

According to the information received by the World News Superfast, the proposal states that Sikh and Hindu minorities are a troubled minority in Afghanistan. The proposal supports the granting of asylum to Afghan Hindus and Sikhs in the United States under the US Immigration and National Act under the Refugee Program.

Safety concerns – condemns discrimination against members of communities

Also, expressing concern for the safety of Sikhs and Hindus in Afghanistan, the proposal condemns all terrorist attacks, religious persecution and discrimination against members of these communities in a war-torn country. The proposal also mentions the gurdwaras in Kabul and other terrorist attacks on their religious places.

Sikhs, Hindus 'endangered minorities' in Afghanistan

According to information received by World News Superfast, according to the proposal, the State and US Commission on International Religious Freedom has documented systemic discrimination against Sikhs and Hindus in Afghanistan.

This includes restrictions on religious practices, illegal confiscation of property, inability to send their children to public places due to persecution, judicial prejudice against religious minorities and constitutional limits on political rights of religious minorities. ,

The proposal states that President Donald Trump has proposed resettlement for only 18,000 refugees for the financial year 2020. Whereas this figure was 110,000 in FY16 at the time of Obama.

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