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Get ready to work up a sweat while showing off your best dance moves

Be prepared to jive, boogie, and strut your finest moves in the latest addition to one of Ubisoft longest running series.

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There’s only a handful of gaming series that have actually been able to release successful titles year after year for as long as I can remember.

Just Dance might not be as obvious as series like Fifa, but it has been turning our living rooms into battlegrounds for dance-offs since 2009. After celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2019, dancing enthusiasts can rejoice as the series is still going strong with Just Dance 2021.

Just Dance 2021 follows the same blueprint as previous games, where players will have to follow the dance moves to score points. The gameplay hasn’t changed at all so fans can jump straight in.

The main selling point is that there are 40 new tracks which weren’t available in other games. Although it is great to have so many new tracks already unlocked, if players were hoping to boogie to 40 of the biggest hits from the last year they will be disappointed.

I would like to think that I’m up to date with music but I didn’t know half the tracks available. Now this doesn’t mean they weren’t great songs to dance to, it’s that players shouldn’t expect all the radio hits but rather get ready to learn some new songs.

If this is a deal-breaker which it shouldn’t be then players can pay for the Just Dance Unlimited subscription which has over 600 songs to choose from.

The pricing structure is very reasonable and caters for whether you play the game often or if you want access when hosting a house party. Players are also gifted one month free upon purchase.

One major annoyance is the relentless upselling of the Unlimited services, literally, everywhere you look Ubisoft are trying to get players to buy it constantly, there’s even in-game advertising for it.

Just Dance 2021 is divided into three different sections, one with all the main modes, one for kids and a…

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