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German dog owners may soon be required to walk their pets twice a day

The German animal welfare association also hopes to reduce the demand for breeds such as French bulldogs and pugs.

Germans may need to step it up and walk their dogs twice a day thanks to a new law. A new ordinance was proposed this week by German Minister of Food and Agriculture Julia Klöckner that would require dog owners to let their pets out of the house to exercise at least twice a day for a total of one hour. The ministry says, “this is to ensure that dogs are given sufficient exercise and contact with environmental stimuli.”

The proposed ordinance from the Food and Agriculture Ministry has caused a lot of barking from dog owners who think the regulation is a bit overboard. The main question fired at the proposed legislation is aimed at how the government plans to enforce the new law. Who will police dog owners if they have walked their dogs long enough?

In a country with 9 million dogs, Germany’s states would be up to their collars trying to figure out an efficient and effective way to carry this out. A spokesperson for the ministry said it would be highly unlikely for authorities to be ringing doorbells around every block to check if Fido has gone for his daily required exercise.

It would seem unclear as of now if the proposed law is mainly focused on pet owners or at commercial dog breeders. The German dog breeder’s…

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