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New body must cure the ailing medical education sector

Medical education in the country will now be regulated by the National Medical Commission (NMC), which has replaced the corruption-tainted Medical Council of India (MCI). Simultaneously, the IMC Act of 1956 stands repealed, giving way to the NMC Act that was minted in August 2019. This new setup comes with a set of reforms aimed at curing the maladies plaguing the medical education segment. Over the years, glaring ills have come to the fore, especially with the mushrooming of private medical colleges, some with questionable credentials and means. The arrest by the CBI of the then MCI chief in 2010 for allegedly taking a Rs 2-crore bribe to approve a Punjab institute, had sent shockwaves. As medical seats in the private sector began to be offered for up to Rs 50 lakh and money rather than merit became the criteria for admissions, it led to erosion of the public’s faith in the system.

The necessity for setting the house in order has been excruciatingly felt during the current pandemic as facilities run short of the caseload, even as dedicated doctors…


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