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France has the support of 190 countries against terrorism, all countries said

France has the support of 190 countries against terrorism, all countries said - the President of France is great


France News – France has the support of 190 countries against terrorism, all countries said – President of France is great. The steps that France has taken to stop Islamic terror in its country. Other countries of the world have taken inspiration from them. All countries have praised France. But no country issued an official statement. This is a secret endorsement. Know what the whole controversy is. Why Islamic countries are opposing France and why 190 countries are supporting France.

The front page in the newspaper of Iran was the title – Daemon of Paris.

According to information received by the World News Superfast, French President Emmanuel Macron was called the Devil’s Priest on the streets of Dhaka. The effigy of Macron was burned with the flag of France outside the France Embassy in Baghdad. At the same time, a motion of condemnation against Macros was introduced in the Parliament of Pakistan. This will not affect France’s popularity.

Resentment against the President of France is increasing in Islamic countries.

Rising above the level of culture, political system and economic development, Islamic countries are taking a stand against Macros. There is opposition from France in the markets of Herat in Afghanistan to Islamabad University in Pakistan and upmarket areas of Amman. As a result, there is an appeal to boycott French products and threats to French citizens. 190 countries have united against Islamic terror.

How did tension begin in France and Islamic countries?

According to information received by the World News Superfast, the tension began when the controversial cartoon magazine Charlie Hebdo reprinted the controversial cartoon of Prophet Muhammad in September. In 2015, there was a terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo’s office for printing this cartoon. The trial against 14 accused was scheduled to begin. Just before that, Charlie Hebdo again printed the same cartoons.

Charlie Hebdo also published an online cartoon on Tuesday night mocking President Erdogan, sparking tensions with Turkey. Erdogan’s press advisor Fahretin Alton tweeted – We condemn this hateful attempt at cultural racism and hate propaganda.

The statement of Macron worked oil in the fire in it. He said earlier this month that he wanted to fight Islamic separatism. In this, he also said that this religion is going through a crisis in the whole world today. Many Muslim leaders and commentators have objected to his comment.

How is the murder of school teacher Patty related to this?

According to information received by the World News Superfast, on 16 October, 18-year-old Chechen Refugee murdered French teacher Samuel Patty outside the school when he showed cartoons of the Prophet in class. He was beheaded. In response, raids on violent extremists and Islamic groups were conducted.

As a result, caricature of the Prophet was built on the walls of buildings in many French cities. It was in a way a defense of secularism and an opposition to barbaric murder. Macron also made it clear in Paris that his country was not going to stop cartoons.

President Macron said that France would neither stop drawing cartoons nor drawing. Even if other people retreat. We will defend our freedom and uphold our own secularism.

Protests have begun in Islamic countries over what Macron said after Samuel Patty’s assassination. In Turkey and Pakistan, the French president’s Islamophobia is being severely criticized. Bangladesh is not far behind.

Why are Muslim fundamentalist organizations flourishing in France?

According to information received by the World News Superfast, the attack in January 2015 by Charlie Hebdo’s office was a revenge for Prophet Muhammad publishing cartoons and it has become the turning point for France. A series of bomb blasts in Paris in November and it shocked the whole world.

These attacks include suicide attacks, shootings at football stadiums, mass shootings at cafes and restaurants, hostage events in theaters. France is the only country in Europe from where the largest number of citizens joined Iraq and Syria in 2014-15.

What is the French definition of secularism?

Macron’s comment draws attention to how secularism in France is completely different from India. Secularism means equal respect and relaxation to all religions here. Not so in France. Righteousness is banned in public debate there. For this reason, the secularism of France is often seen to offend Islam.

In France, blasphemy is regarded as a right to personal freedom. You can insult Jesus Christ and Islam too. It is considered the ‘Way of Life’ of France. It also includes knowing the language and respecting French secularism.

Why does secularism clash with Muslims in France?

According to information received by the World News Superfast, France’s secularism has faced a confrontation over the past few years, especially due to people from outside France practicing many religions. They also include Sikhs. Most of the conflicts have been with Muslims.

Most of the Muslims living in France are born in France, carrying on the legacy of the first generation of migrants who migrated from the French colony in North Africa. The constitution of France states that those who want citizenship must rely on equality. But, these are just paper things.

Even before this, Islam in France has been the target. In 2005, women were banned from wearing hijabs in public places, then burqas were banned in 2010, in 2011, Charlie Hebdo invited sharp reactions from Islamic countries.

Macron stated clearly in his speech that the way France is dealing with this challenge has many drawbacks. The governments of France have to take responsibility that they do not keep Muslim communities under control and allow the conditions for radicalization to occur.

Is Macron’s speech inspired by French politics?

According to information received by the World News Superfast, what Macron said may also be his political compulsion. No French politician can say that Islamic extremist incidents have not affected the lives of France. The trial began last month, five years after Charlie Hebdo’s assassins attack. Patty’s murder is the sequel to the terrorist attack against Charlie Hebdo.

Macron says that he does not do left-right politics. Want to contest presidential elections again in 2022. The right-wing Marine will face La Pen, whom Macron defeated in the 2017 elections. Penn accuses Macro of not taking strict measures to stop Islamic extremists.

By the way, Macros has also announced the controversial anti-separatism bill, which will be introduced in Parliament in December. This will try to overcome Islamic extremism. This includes school education reform, strict rules for mosques and clerics to reduce the drop-out of Muslim children. There is a lot of concern among the Muslims of France about this.

Boycott of Islamic countries will not affect France

Islamic countries will not be able to affect France’s economy in any way, because France has the support of 190 countries. France’s economy is completely self-sufficient, and France’s trade is spread over many countries of the world.

France is especially paramount in the manufacture of defense weapons, if the Islamic countries oppose France then 190 countries have agreed to support France, because the whole world is suffering from Islamic terror. It has been well written in history that Islamic countries cannot erase the events which have happened related to terror, they cannot be forgotten and can not be erased.

The future now depends on the solidarity of the world. The more the Islamic countries will be opposed to France. Suppose this protest is being done by 190 countries and 190 countries are fully united and ready to fight terrorism.

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