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France has opposed the release of 400 Afghan terrorists. Said that those who kill our citizens should not have pity

France Asks Afghan Govt Not to Free Taliban


Afghanistan News – France issues objection to the release of three men jailed for the killings of French citizens in Afghanistan as part of a decision to release 400 Taliban prisoners in Kabul for the release of three people jailed for killing French civilians in Afghanistan. As a final step to fulfill the condition laid down in an agreement between the Taliban and the US government.

Five French soldiers killed in Kapisa

The group of prisoners, whose release has begun, includes two people who killed Betina Goillard, an employee of the United Nations Refugee Agency in November 2003, and a former Afghan soldier who killed five French soldiers in Kapisa eight years ago Had killed and wounded 13 others.

France opposes release of 3 Taliban prisoners

The release of many terrorists guilty of murder is wrong

The Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Sunday, “France is particularly concerned with the presence of individuals responsible for the release of several terrorists convicted of killing French civilians in Afghanistan. The Afghan government and the Taliban are within an inter- Afghans are set to meet to begin the peace process, a move that has drawn widespread condemnation after many prisoners emerged after being involved in the attacks. Afghans and foreigners. This is especially true of French civilians in soldiers and humanitarian workers. Strongly opposes the emancipation of persons convicted for crimes against, ”he said.

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