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Former Boris Johnson Aide Will Make a Fortune by Flinging Mud at Downing Street, Report Says


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Prior to his career in politics and before becoming a press officer for the Vote Leave campaign under Dominic Cummings Lee Caine worked for The Sun and the Daily Mirror. He also worked in the Department for environment, Food and Rural Affairs under Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove.

Lee Cain, former aide of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, will make a fortune by flinging mud at Downing Street, The Sun reported without citing its sources. The news follows a report in PRWeek, which said the 39-year-old is attempting to reinvent himself as a public speaker and will reportedly charge over $20,000 for a speech.

According to the magazine, Cain has signed up with the Chartwell Speakers agency, which also has such high-profile politicians as former UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid and ex-Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt on its books. The description on the agency’s website suggests the former spin doctor was “central in all key parts of government including communications, economic strategy, national security, constitutional crisis, and key domestic policy”.

Per The Sun, Cain was initially signed by the Kruger Cowne talent agency, but it halted talks with the former aide after it turned out that Cain was in talks with rival agencies.

From Wearing a Chicken Costume to Running the Country

During the 2010 general election, when Cain worked for the Daily Mirror, he wore a chicken costume in order to interview would-be Prime Minister David Cameron and other politicians from the Conservative Party. After working as a senior media adviser at a law firm in Australia, he enjoyed a career break when he was appointed a press officer for the Vote Leave campaign, which led to the UK’s subsequent withdrawal from the European Union.

He then worked for several high-profile politicians before becoming a special adviser to Boris Johnson, who back then worked as the country’s foreign secretary. After Johnson became Prime Minister he appointed Cain director of communications in Downing Street.

Reports say Cain ran the country for several weeks when Johnson as well as other key figures in the government contracted coronavirus last March. According to The Guardian, which cited its sources, government aides who didn’t contract the infectious disease turned to Cain for directions.

“You’d got to a meeting expecting to see someone important and they were gone – and you knew why. It started off more surreal than scary, but it became very scary once the PM was so ill”, one insider told The Guardian.

He resigned from his post last November due to what the British press described as “political infighting”. Cain’s potential promotion to the post of Number 10 chief of staff allegedly caused discontent among several MPs as well as Johnson’s fiancée Carrie Symonds. Some reports suggested that Cain stepped down after arguments with Symonds.

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