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Food crisis in China – Government has no solution, people do not go hungry, that’s why Prime Minister Jinping launched ‘Clean Your Plate’ campaign

Xi Jinping's increasing power is bad news for the Chinese economy ...


China News – According to information received by World News Superfast, the impact of China’s Boycott is now visible in China. Now there is a food crisis in China. The government has no option to come out of it. The Prime Minister of China started the clean plate campaign. It is believed that the main objective of this campaign is to prevent food wastage. At the same time, a speculation is also being made that China is going through food crisis these days after suffering the corona virus epidemic.

China launches 'Clean Plate' campaign against food waste

Prime Minister Jinping said – waste of food should be considered very shameful

According to information received by World News Superfast, earlier this campaign was started by Chinese President Xi Jinping. He started the campaign and said that wastage of food is disturbing. The Chinese President said, it is very important that public awareness is increased in order to stop food wastage, adopt low-spending habits and promote a social environment where waste is considered extremely shameful.

Xi Makes a Political Gamble by Telling Chinese to Clean Their Plates

Is there a food crisis in China?

According to information received by the World News Superfast, the purpose of the previous campaign of the Chinese President was to stop the costly feast of the officials, while the second edition appealed to the people to stop wasting food. At the same time, while giving a clarification about the food crisis case, the newspaper said that initially this initiative had aroused such speculation by some media houses whether there is food crisis in China? Experts say that the whole world is actually facing food shortage.

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