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Fidelity enlightens customers on pension, data updating

On the 1st of April 2021, Fidelity Pension Managers expressed its commitment via a statement titled ‘Fidelity Pension Managers educates customers on the need for continuous enlightenment of contributors on the relevance and basic activities under the Contributory Pension Scheme. 

In a recent customers’ interactive session organised in Oshogbo, Osun State, the Group Head, Operations, Fidelity Pension Managers, Mr Olumuyiwa Afolabi, expressed that its part of their plans to consistently educate and assure customers of a happy retirement. 

He further explained the importance of employees updating information with Pension Fund Administrators to facilitate easy access to their retirement benefits.

He enlightened customers on the Retirement Savings Account’s multi-fund structure.

He said it sought to achieve optimum returns for contributors by aligning their pension savings with respective individual risk profiles and age.

“Retirement Savings Account multi-fund structure enhances the safety of pension assets through adequate portfolio diversification,” he said.

Customers were educated on pension remittances, long-term retirement planning and the opportunity for Additional Voluntary Contributions.

He also explained the PFA’s self-service platforms such as its apps on its website.

Fidelity Pension Managers said it recently launched the iPension portal on its new website which enabled customers to remotely open Retirement Savings Accounts online, improving accessibility, convenience and customer experience.

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