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F1 lucky not to have big crash in Turkish GP qualifying

Red Bull driver Alex Albon says that Formula 1 was “lucky not to have a big crash” in a soaking wet qualifying session for the Turkish GP

Albon: F1 lucky not to have big crash in Turkey quali


Albon was quick throughout the entertaining and unpredictable session, and admitted that he felt he could have done better than his eventual fourth place behind the two Racing Point drivers and his team mate Max Verstappen.

Although the Red Bull drivers were clearly better off in the tricky conditions than some of their rivals Albon said that it had been a stressful afternoon.

“I can understand why people enjoy it,” Albon said, in response to a question from Autosport.

“I would enjoy it if I wasn’t driving; I could tell you it’s not as fun in the car as it is on TV. When you’re shifting to sixth gear, even seventh gear in the wet, and you’re getting wheelspin and the car is…

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