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Everything Revealed in the Aftermarket Collection Event Trailer

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Get ready for a new Apex Legends event, the Aftermarket Collection Event, which introduces new cosmetics and the long-awaited Crossplay feature.

The Apex Legends developers at Respawn are getting ready to drop a new limited-time event on Tuesday, October 6. The Aftermarket Collection Event will drop during the ongoing Season 6, with a new, limited-time mode and plenty of amazing cosmetics.

More importantly, Apex Legends will finally debut it’s much anticipated Crossplay system into beta during the event. A lot is going on in Apex Legends this season, and the game shows no signs of slowing down.

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Cross-Play Beta

Crossplay for Apex Legends is something many fans have been asking for since the original launch of the game, with Respawn finally confirming it’s implementation over the summer. Players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Origin will be able to jump into matches within those three platforms and even participate in-game voice chat. The cross-play feature will be enabled by default, although players will be able to turn it off in the options menu. In addition, players on any platform can hop into a party with their friends and play together.

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Players will be able to search for their friends by typing in their username; an icon representing the platform they’re playing on will appear next to the username. After accepting, they will appear in the active friend list, which allows for joining parties or inviting others to their party. If the friend request is not accepted, the player will be automatically blocked, which can also be undone in the options menu.

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Aftermarket Collection Event

Cross-play isn’t even the main draw for this event. The Aftermarket Collection Event brings with it a few dozen cosmetics with the theme of racing and car shops and some spectacular Legendary skins. In addition to the paid skins and loot boxes, there will be a prize track with moreā€¦

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