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EU emergency summit on Belarus

EU emergency summit on Belarus -


Belarus News – After the fall of the government in Belarus, once again political crisis has arisen. Because there has been an increase in the formation of a new government. EU leaders may have held an emergency video conference in Belarus about deepening a political crisis, with bloc officials saying support for a mobilization movement against the controversial re-election of longtime President Alexander Lukashenko doing.

Opponents say the election was rigged

The European Union has agreed to ban Belarusian officials responsible for alleged election fraud and violent protests in large-scale protests in which the official vote gave Lukashenko 80 percent of the vote after the August 9 vote. His opponents say that the election was rigged.

EU emergency summit on Belarus -

Violence against protesters is unacceptable

The people of Belarus have the right to decide about their future and freely elect their leader,” European Council President Charles Michel said in a video conference on Wednesday, representing 27 national governments. “Violence against protesters is unacceptable and cannot be allowed.

Reported abuse and mistreatment of thousands of protesters

Welcoming the forthcoming talks, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen wrote on Twitter, “The people of Belarus need to know that the European Union stands firmly with them, and those responsible for human rights violations and violence Approval will be granted. The European Union’s top diplomat, Josep Borel, also called for a “thorough and transparent investigation” into reports of the mistreatment and misconduct of thousands of protesters on Monday.

EU leaders to hold emergency talks on Belarus crisis-

The European Union stands with them

Describing a huge protest in the capital, Minsk, on Sunday as “the biggest rally in Belarusian modern history”, Burrell said, “The sheer numbers clearly show that the Belarusian population wants change, and now wants it . The European Union stands with them. A senior EU official, speaking to the Reuters News Agency on condition of anonymity, said Wednesday’s gathering would also give Russia a message of disregard in the former Soviet republic. Lukashenko called Belarus Has accused EU neighbors of interfering and said that Russian President Vladimir Putin has offered extensive help “to ensure the security of Belarus” when needed.

Without naming Russia, the official said, “The path out of the crisis is from violence to the end, through de-escalation, negotiated and without external intervention. According to diplomats, the EU countries with a population of 9.5 million in Belarus I do not see Russian military intervention.

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