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EastEnders first look at Chantelle’s harrowing final scenes before Gray kills her

EastEnders will air tragic scenes on Friday night, as abusive Gray Atkins murders his wife Chantelle as she tries to leave him

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EastEnders’ Chantelle Atkins will tragically lose her life at the hands of her abuser and her husband Gray on Friday night.

The BBC soap recently confirmed the devastating twist, as Chantelle tried to make her escape with her two children.

Scenes this week have seen her put that plan into motion, hoping to use a family trip away to make her move and leave Gray for good.

But, amid her dad Mitch Baker’s suspicions, Gray thwarted her plan and on Thursday he forced her and their two kids to return home.

Friday’s difficult episode will see Chantelle lose her life, as her husband kills her.

(Image: ITV/BBC)

Now, a clip from her final episode and some of her last scenes has been revealed.

In the tense and harrowing clip, shown on ITV’s Lorraine on Friday, a fearful Chantelle is forced to make a call to Kheerat Panesar by her husband, who is watching her every move.

After she planned to flee with Kheerat, who wanted to look after her and revealed his feelings for her, Gray found out.

(Image: ITV/BBC)

He confronts her over this, after previously thinking there was something going on between them, before forcing her to call…

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