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Donald Trump's brother Robert Trump died, seriously ill in hospital

Robert Trump, Donald Trump's brother, dies


USA NEWS – US President Donald Trump’s younger brother Robert Trump has passed away. Businessman Robert was 71 years old. He was undergoing treatment at a hospital in New York. According to a statement issued by the White House, Robert died on Saturday. President Trump had earlier met his seriously ill brother at a New York City hospital on Friday.

Donald Trump said in a statement, “I have to say with a heavy heart that my brother was very close to my heart. He was not only my brother but also best friend. He will be greatly missed. His memories always remain in my heart Will stay. Robert, I love you.

This incident happened at a time when Donald Trump is trying to become the President of America for the second consecutive time.

It is being told that Trump’s campaign campaign team has formed 4 new organizations to woo voters of Indian-Americans, Sikhs, Muslims and other South Asian communities.

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