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Dog and fox rescued after being stuck in rabbit hole for 12 hours

A double-rescue was conducted in Lavant, Chichester, after a dog named Max was trapped in a rabbit hole along with a fox.

A dog has been rescued from a rabbit warren where he was trapped for 12 hours alongside a fox.

The double-rescue was conducted in Lavant, Chichester, on Wednesday evening after the dog’s owner had spent several hours trying to coax him out of the hole.

West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service’s Technical Rescue Unit (TRU) was able to find Max the Jack Russell with cameras and listening devices, also finding a fox stuck in the hole with him.

“We began to dig around the network of tunnels towards where we had seen Max and the fox,” TRU crew commander Charlie Eastwell said.

“Just as we broke through…

By Emily Chudy, PA

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