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Did you spot this sneaky Doctor Who Easter Egg in The Boys?

Ring the cloister bell: the Amazon superhero series features a subtle nod to Jodie Whittaker’s sci-fi character.

Whale whale whale, this is an unexpected but welcome sci-fi crossover: looks like the new season of Amazon’s The Boys features a subtle nod to the BBC’s Doctor Who.


As spotted by one eagle-eyed viewer (’s Sci-fi Editor Huw Fullerton, to be precise), turns out that Frenchie – the weapons expert played by Tomer Capon – appears to be a fan of Jodie Whittaker’s incarnation of The Doctor.

Well, a feline version of her, anyway: during the third episode’s speedboat/whale chase, the character wears a t-shirt emblazoned with a cat sporting Whittaker’s Who outfit.


Stripy jumper? Check. Grey long coat? Check. That’s definitely The Doctor.

(You can even buy the t-shirt yourself here).

Here’s hoping Doctor Who will return the favour and drop a big reference to The Boys in the upcoming Christmas special Revolution of the Daleks . Especially if that entails Bradley Walsh’s Graham ramming…

Thomas Ling

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