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Desperate Netanyahu might try to pull off ‘his own January 6’: Israel newspaper – Raw Story

The prominent liberal Israeli newspaper Haaretz is warning today that Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu might try to emulate the worst behavior of his pal Donald Trump as he desperately tries to cling to power.

A coalition of political rivals are negotiating a power-sharing deal that could run Netanyahu out of office as early as tomorrow. Already on trial for charges of criminal corruption, Netanyahu is “becoming unhinged, untethered from reality,” the analysis in Haaretz claims.

“His Rule Slipping Away, Netanyahu Could Bring Capitol Insurrection to Israel,” reads the headline at Haaretz. “After quoting extensively from the Trump playbook in recent years, Prime Minister Netanyahu has now reached the final chapter on creating his own version of the January 6 storming of Capitol Hill.”

The analysis cites the parallels between Netanyahu and Trump:

“They share a striking similarity underlined by a deep sense of entitlement, self-ordained grandeur, self-aggrandizement and a common Louis XIV attitude: L’état, c’est moi. The state is I, or: I am the state,” it suggests. Then there’s this passage, that shows the Israelis have a pretty good understand of the most recent ex-U.S. president:

“Both possess a narcissistic personality, paranoid political behavior, burning hatred of elites, constant fear of a “deep state” or a vast cabal out to get them, and a mix of derision and debilitating fear of their political rivals. They share an identical populist and often demagogic rhetoric, perennial sense of victimhood, relentless whining, as well as an innate proclivity to lie, double down on falsehoods and project on others the very things they are accused of, rightly or wrongly.

“With his brother-in-arms Trump out of power, consumed by incoherent ranting and mumbling in Mar-a-Lago about how the election was stolen from him by Democrats and the media, Netanyahu has one last page to copy from Trump’s playbook: creating his own “January 6.”

“As his rivals are negotiating a new governing coalition, Netanyahu has a chance to delegitimize the election he failed to win, dehumanize those trying to replace him, undermine a possible new government, and incite loudly and forcefully enough to perhaps facilitate an Israeli version of the infamous insurrection on Capitol Hill.

“Netanyahu failed to win (nor did he outright lose) four successive elections over the past two years. He failed to form a government a month ago and opposition leader Yair Lapid was subsequently tasked with trying to form one instead. Netanyahu is on a high-decibel, incendiary and patently antidemocratic crusade trying to foil any coalition that doesn’t include him.”

If that doesn’t ring a bell for Americans, this passage about Netanyahu might:

“Facing trial on counts of bribery, fraud and breach of trust, and sensing that he may be about to lose something he believes is his by divine authority and intervention – the prime minister’s position – he is becoming unhinged, untethered from reality.

“As a result of incitement and disinformation, judges, prosecutors and now also the leaders of the opposition are receiving extra protection after Netanyahu’s cult-like supporters threatened their lives.

“The Netanyahu-free government that could perhaps be formed in the coming days – described as “the change bloc” in the Israeli media – is illegitimate, according to Netanyahu. He says it runs contrary to the will of the “2 million people” who voted for him. Of course, Netanyahu’s Likud party won only 1,066,892 votes in the last election, 24.19 percent of the total vote.”

Not included in the Haaretz analysis — but certainly consistent with its content — was this photo-up today between Netanyahu and no less an insurrectionist than Senator Ted Cruz (along with Senator Bill Hagerty).

Here’s some video:

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