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Deb Frecklington ‘lied to her electorate’ when seeking a seat in parliament

Sky News host Alan Jones says there are many issues on which the Labor government in Queensland should be driven to defeat, except, “the opposition leader has no traction.”

Mr Jones said Ms Frecklington in February 2012 – a month before the state election – boasted she had successfully lobbied the LNP to “not support the proposal for Acland Stage Three” which would see the expansion of the open cut coal mine digging up strategic cropping land.

“We will protect farm communities from being dug up from mining,” Ms Frecklington said.

“Yet now she is sucking up to the mining company,” Mr Jones said.

He said last week, “she was all over my little hometown of Acland on the Western Darling Downs and she said she would approve Stage Three of the New Hope coal mine”.

“I have nothing but contempt for politicians who behave in this way,” he said.

“The reason Ms Frecklington won’t come on this program is that she knows she lied to her electorate when she was seeking a seat in the Queensland parliament.

“I don’t believe she will be forgiven for using the concerns of the Acland community to get into Parliament; and once there, pandering to those who would damage some of the finest cropping land in Queensland in order to make a quick quid.

“The opposition leader has no traction.

“You can’t lead if you are not a leader.”

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