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Coronavirus: Spaniards turn to private COVID-19 tests amid delays at public centres

Spaniards seeking a COVID-19 test are turning to expensive home delivery services amid long delays at public screening centres.

They cost €90-€160 depending on the type of test.

Public testing in the capital Madrid has been reduced by 30%. Only those especially vulnerable or living under the same roof as a COVID-19 patient are screened for coronavirus.

Experts have warned this may compromise the control of the pandemic.

Dr José Muñoz, of the Institute for Global Health in Barcelona, says there’s no doubt the best way to control the pandemic is by identifying cases and following the contacts.

“A proper diagnosis of cases is essential to isolate them so they don’t spread the virus further and reduce the infection rate,” he explains. “So testing is essential.”

Watch more on this in the video player above from our Spain correspondent Jaime Velasquez.

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