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Coronavirus live news: WHO ‘to scrap’ interim Wuhan report; UK investigating new variant | World news

Australian experts warn Covid vaccines being sold on darknet likely to be scams

Three major Covid-19 vaccines are being advertised for sale on the darknet – the part of the internet not visible to search engines and which requires specialised software to access, an analysis of 15 marketplaces has found.

Researchers at the global security company Kaspersky found advertisements for the Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna vaccines, as well as sellers advertising unverified vaccines:

World news Papua New Guinea hospitals run out of funding as Covid cases surge

Papua New Guinea is battling to control a surge in coronavirus cases across the archipelago, just as hospitals are shutting their doors because they have run out of money.

The country’s crowded capital, Port Moresby, is the epicentre of the latest outbreak.

The city recorded just five cases for all of January, and 124 for February. But 108 cases have been confirmed in the first four days of March as community transmission accelerates.

PNG has reported only 1,492 confirmed cases for the entire pandemic, but the actual caseload is believed to be many times higher.

Fewer than 48,000 tests have been conducted across the country of nearly 9 million people since the beginning of the pandemic, and, in many remote parts of the country, there is no testing capacity at all. PNG has not yet begun a vaccination program.

Health authorities are also concerned about a spike in cases in PNG’s huge western province, which links the country to Indonesia, and has a sea border with Australia.

Travel between PNG and Australian islands in the Torres Strait is usually unrestricted but has been suspended for the pandemic:

China to develop vaccines against major infectious diseases


Australia says Italy’s block on AstraZeneca vaccine frustrating but not crucial

Survey shows UK parents’ concern over Covid effect on children’s activity

More than two-thirds of UK parents believe their children have become less active during the pandemic, new research has found, placing more pressure on schools before their reopening next week.

A survey by the leading charity the Youth Sport Trust found 78% of parents said their children were doing less than the government’s recommended 60 minutes of activity a day, while 11% of parents said their children are doing no physical activity at all. The total who said the amount had decreased in the past year was 68%, while only 15% said it had stayed the same:

Japan to extend Tokyo state of emergency

New coronavirus variant under investigation in UK

WHO to scrap interim report on virus origins – report


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