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The Morrison government’s latest infrastructure announcement comes barely a week after figures were released showing that the government spent $1.7bn less on road and rail projects than they promised at last year’s budget.

On average, the Morrison government underspends on their budget promises by over $1.2bn a year.

Australians need jobs now. It is essential that these latest funding promises are delivered now, not years down the line.

Just one program, the government’s signature Urban Congestion Fund (UCF), underspent by $572m last year alone, with only $148m of the promised $720m getting out the door.

Of $207m promised through the UCF for projects in NSW, they spent only $4.5m.

In South Australia, Tasmania, ACT and the Northern Territory, the Morrison government did not spend a cent through the UCF.

With Australia in its deepest recession in a century, we cannot see more of the same.

The Morrison government is always there for the photo op, never there for the follow up.

This year’s budget might be full of big promises, but in the end, it is delivery that matters.

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