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Coronavirus Australia live update: Victoria reports 35 new cases and NSW four as Paul Keating appears at aged care royal commission | Australia news

We will be here tomorrow and hopefully there will be no mystery cases in the data I report tomorrow and hopefully we can have more to say.

No doubt, there will be criticism that we haven’t been given any notice but this is nature of these things.

Because you have to hit the target before you can make the decision, there won’t be a lot of notice.

That is preferable in making people wait for another week or so.

Hopefully we can have very good news for regional Victoria tomorrow. That is subject to the numbers that come in today. The key point here is that that is the best demonstration. It is live, it is real, it is actually happening.

It is not a model or theoretical exercise. It is occurring. Got the numbers low, kept the numbers low and now we can open up.

That should be a great boost for everybody, not just in regional Victoria but in metropolitan Melbourne looking and thinking “Can we achieve this?” Absolutely we can and we will.

The frustrating part about this is that you might – I think we will hit the 30-50 number and we might get there ahead of time.

You only know what you know with this virus. The fact that what I do today I won’t see the impact for at least 10 days or maybe 14 days, that is where the passage of time, as painful as it is, it becomes your friend in terms of having certainty about what is happening out there.

Not every symptomatic person gets tested. Not every case, despite the work of our coronavirus detectives, even though we’re meeting and exceeding national bench marks, not every case can be tracked back to its source.

There are mysteries. Whenever there is a mystery case, there is at least one other person who gave it to them.

On average that person will have two or three close contacts, so I think you get the point. There will be things out there that we don’t know about. It is not just numbers, because they are the things you do know, it is also about the passage of time to make sure that there is not something you’re missing. When you make your judgment off data that can never be a complete data set, because not everyone gets tested, that givers you a better sense that is an accurate reflection.

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