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Congress in Damage Control Mode After CWC Drama and Other Top Headlines

These are the top stories we are covering this afternoon: Congress leaders who wrote to Sonia Gandhi on “sweeping changes” resent ‘dissenter’ tag; how same old script played out at CWC to keep Gandhis in starring role; Hong Kong man ‘first case’ documented of getting coronavirus twice; Twitterati

‘Not Dissenters but Proponents of Revival’: Congress Leaders Vivek Tankha, Kapil Sibal React after Criticism Over Letter Day after the stormy CWC meeting, Congress leader and Rajya Sabha MP Vivek Tankha on Tuesday said that the signatories of a letter that was sent to Sonia Gandhi asking for “sweeping changes” are not dissenters but proponents of revival. Senior leader Kapil Sibal also sought to deflect attention from his deleted tweet on Rahul Gandhi’s purported remark against the signatories. “It’s not about a post, it’s about my country,” Sibal tweeted. READ MORE

Dynasty 1, Party 0: How the Same Old Script at CWC Meeting Ensured Gandhis Remain at Helm of Affairs The Congress Working Committee meeting predictably proceeded along placatory and exculpatory lines. Sonia Gandhi initially was firm on quitting as party president and the leaders, put on the defensive from the word go, were reduced to abject pleading and protestations of loyalty, until she magnanimously agreed to hang on. Ironically, crisis erupted precisely because the standard trope of a Congress ‘orphaned’ without a Nehru-Gandhi at its head is getting old. READ ON

Hong Kong Man ‘First Case’ Documented of Getting Coronavirus Twice, Researchers Say A 33-year-old man living in Hong Kong had Covid-19 twice this year, according to preliminary research. He had symptoms the first time around, but no obvious symptoms the second time. According to a University of Hong Kong study, the man’s second case of Covid-19 occurred 142 days after the first. During his first episode of illness, the patient had a cough, sore throat, fever and headache for three days. During the second episode, he tested on returning to Hong Kong from Spain via theā€¦


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