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Clashes Reported During Protest Against COVID-19 Lockdown in Italy – Videos


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Italy has registered a spike in daily registered coronavirus infections, which prompted several Italian regions, including Lombardy and Campania, to impose curfews.

A wave of protests swept through several Italian cities on Monday night, with citizens demanding an end to the coronavirus-related lockdown.

In Milan and Turin, Italy’s largest cities, the protests turned violent, as demonstrators clashed with police forces, footage shared on social media shows. Citizens were heard chanting “Freedom” in Italian.

The protesters also launched fireworks and used what appears to be Molotov cocktails against police officers, witnesses reported. Small fires were set up in some places.

Looting also took place during Monday’s protests, according to another video of a Gucci store being robbed after the window was apparently smashed by protesters.

Last week, the Italian Council of Ministers adopted a new set of measures to contain the COVID-19 second wave, closing theatres and cinemas, and banning bars and restaurants from working after 6.00 pm (17:00 GMT), following a rapid rise in coronavirus infections.

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