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Can you tell the name of this animal? Has a new animal been discovered?

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Coimbatore News – The person was surprised to see a strange animal in the forest. He had never seen such an animal. He went to her and made a video of her. Now he is asking the name of this animal from the people of the world. But no person knows his name.

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It often happens that we see a new animal. But if we do not know his name, we would ask others to name it. But if no one can tell, then we feel that something is wrong.

It is the same subject. This person is Mr. Ashoka. They live in Coimbatore India. One day he was going for some work in the forest, when he saw this strange animal. He made a video of this animal. In all countries of the world, it is seen that animals of different species are found. But it is very rarely that we can see an animal and give correct information about it because different types of animals, animals or animals are found in different types of climate.

Unknon Wild Animal

How are some animals whose species are depleted, the world has declared those animals to be finished, but the reality is something else, many species of animals that have been considered extinct but they are still in the jungles I am hiding in the distant hills, which are far away from the eyes of the people and the animals are eliminated by saying that

Regarding the animal seen in this video, our guess is that it is an animal of an extinct species and this species has not been seen by anyone for years but suddenly this animal appeared somewhere and people started getting curious about it. Who is this strange animal and where did it come from.

After watching the video of this strange animal, if anyone can tell us which species this animal belongs to and can provide us information about it, then please contact us

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